Premier League players seeking help after becoming addicted to product that is said to be more harmful than cigarettes 🚬

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Premier League players are said to seeking help after becoming addicted to a substance which is said to be more harmful than cigarettes.

The product, which has had its controversies over the years is known as β€˜snus’, and is a tobacco product put between the top lip and gum and is seen as an alternative to cigarettes.

According to The Sun, the likes of Jamie Vardy, Emil Krafth and Victor Lindelof have used snus for its calming effects, but the PFA are now investigating the use of the product amid fears that it affects the health of users.

A PFA source (via The Sun) said: β€œMany players are now hooked as they don’t realise that snus contains more addictive nicotine than a cigarette.

β€œClub doctors fear usage is spiralling out of control.”

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Snus, which is Swedish-made, cannot be sold in the UK due to cancer fears but it can be purchased online, with tubs selling for as little as Β£5.


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