Premier League footballer arrested after girlfriend dials 999 following attack

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A Premier League footballer was arrested on suspicion of attacking his girlfriend, according to The Sun.

The player in question is not named in the report and is expected to remain anonymous after agreeing an out of court settlement with his partner, the accuser, who is understood to have banked five figures as a result of the attack.

The report notes that police were called to his home and brought him into the station after his girlfriend dialled 999. He is alleged to have attacked her before sending her abusive messages late at night.

A source, speaking to The Sun, acknowledged that the player had used his financial wealth and the power that it brings to hire expensive lawyers and wriggle out of any real repercussions.

The victim has been referred to as “silenced” by the settlement which she has received. It’s unclear whether the five-figure payout will be sufficient to deter the player from committing future offences.