Premier League footballer Caught having Sex on Private Jet

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A lot of people have thought about joining the ‘mile high club’ well when you’re a professional footballer, it makes life a lot easier to do so. air hostess Lori was talking to The Daily Beast and revealed when she first met the sports star in question, by all accounts he asked the air hostess if he could change his pants and promptly dropped them right in front of her, rather then making his way to the toilet facilities on the plane to do so.

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Lori said: “He got butt-a** naked right there in front of me.” the British footballer decided to do so in front of her rather then making his way to the bathroom on the plane to do so.

The second time Lori bumped into the star was when he was with his wife.

“They’re s***ging in the back.” Lori’s colleague said.

Lori told The Daily Beast: “I don’t think that’s inappropriate personally because they pay millions and millions of dollars.

“If I was them, and I was paying that amount of money, and I wanted to s**g my husband, I would do it.”

Life of the super rich.


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