Premier League club aware of rape allegation last Autumn

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According to new information shared today, a Premier League club was aware of a rape allegation against a player of theirs almost a year prior to his arrest.

In case you have been living under a rock, you will be well aware of the reports this week which revealed a Premier League player, whose identity must remain secret for legal reasons, had been arrested on suspicion of rape.

As many as six police cars are understood to have turned up at the player’s premises in the early hours of Monday morning to bring him into custody for questioning. His career is now very much hanging in the balance.

The unnamed Premier League footballer is understood to be due to compete in the World Cup

As is reported by the Guardian, and promises to add to the controversy, the player’s club are understood to have been aware of an allegation of rape against him last Autumn. No action was taken against the player in question.

With a second allegation having been made relating to an alleged incident in June of this year, which resulted in his eventual arrest, there could be serious reputational consequences for the unnamed club if the wrongdoing is proven.