POLL: TG4 split opinion with attention-grabbing ad for Ladies Football

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TG4 sponsor the Ladies All-Ireland Football Championship and are enthusiastic promoters of women’s sports, but they have polarised opinion with their latest ad campaign.

Captioned “the most important nine months of a woman’s life”, the image shows a female player cradling a gaelic football as if it was a pregnancy bump.

There has been plenty of positive reaction to the image, with people describing it as powerful and arresting.

But many fans of the woman’s game and sport in general, have spoken out against the ad – which they feel focuses on the players primarily as women rather than footballers.

Some of the commentators feel that the ad creators meant well, but by focusing the attention back on motherhood they are reinforcing stereotypes.

There is no doubt that it is a powerful, attention-grabbing image. What do you think?