Barnet Police release statement over Premier League footballer accused of rape

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Barnet Police have released further details as to why a 29-year-old accused of rape faced no action over one of the alleged offences.

As the media have been reporting for several weeks now, a Premier League footballer was arrested in Barnet on suspicion of rape. The player was subsequently released without charge.

The player in question, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is still able to train with his club and compete in the upcoming Premier League season, with no police action having been taken against him.

Barnet Police have now clarified as to why no action was taken – at least over one of the alleged offences – and implored that the public treat the accuser with respect and send no hate her way online.

Having rape investigations conducted in the backdrop of the new Premier League season is a rather sickening reality. All we can hope is that the accuser is done justice by thorough police investigations.

Perhaps the club in question also have to ask themselves whether it is appropriate to have the player in question wearing the shirt before any possibility of wrongdoing is formally discounted.

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