(Podcast) Impressionist & All Out Funny Man Conor Moore🎙

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We sit down and talk to Conor Moore in our latest podcast, Conor Moore a.k.a. Conor Sketches the skilled impressionist has done some great work on Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, Ger Loughnane, Davy Fitzgerald and Ian Poulter etc… Conor Moore tells us of his time working with Three Mobile and then moving on to work with JOE.ie until finally going out on his own and now with his own show on the Golf Channel.

It’s been an incredible journey from a lad from Mullingar to someone that is well known all over Ireland and even in the Uk and the States. We talk to him about how he keeps it fresh and what’s next in his journey along the way. Conor tells us of how he gets up at 6am and starts working on his sketches and how he is getting prepared for the new Premier League season. Give this a listen a really interesting story and a fascinating insight into Conor ‘Sketches’ Moore.

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