Premier League stars hire ex-SAS soldiers to protect families from mid-game home invasions

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Some Premier League players have hired former SAS soldiers to protect their families at home during games.

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof is the latest Premier League player whose home was targeted by thugs while he played for the Red Devils. He is by no means the first.

The problem is becoming increasingly prevalent and you can understand that the anxiety of the players is escalating.

In light of recent events, according to the Daily Mail, some have looked to private security firms and hired former SAS soldiers in order to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

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Of course, no player should have to compete in a game of football while worried about the welfare of their families, but you can understand why they are taking such measures.

The targeted attacks on players’ homes are not only increasing in frequency, but they are also increasingly calculated, organised and, for lack of a better word, professional.

The report notes that Premier League clubs are also collaborating in a bid to stamp out the issue. We hope they have some bright ideas.