(Video) Watch the Pierre Gasly tractor incident that has everyone talking

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F1 fans across the world have been left FURIOUS after a tractor entered the track at the Japanese Grand Prix.

With such little racing having taken place before the race was red-flagged, you could be forgiven for thinking we’d be devoid of any real talking points.

However, an incident involving Pierre Gasly before the drivers headed back into the pits has sent the whole F1 community into a blaze of fury, and understandably so.

Onboard footage from Gasly’s vehicle showed a close call with a tractor, on-track, as he attempted to catch up with the pack during a safety car.

Gasly received no prior warning that the tractor was on the track and at the speed he was travelling any collision could have ended his life there and then.

The FIA, rather predictably, have not taken any responsibility for their wrongdoing, despite this being the same track that Jules Bianchi lost his life at.

Watch the onboard footage below, which is pretty horrifying. Answers are needed, and fast…


Pictures courtesy of F1 TV