Philly McMahon slams Sky Sports for ‘scandalous’ questions

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The former Dublin footballer Philly McMahon along with the rest of the county are voicing their opinion on Rob Wotton’s interview with Chole Mustaki. Scandalous interview and fair play to Chole Mustaki for keeping her cool.

The Irish ladies probably did make a mistake, but the questions that were asked were shocking to say the least and Philly McMahon along with the rest of the country agrees that maybe Wotton needs a history lesson.

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It’s an awful shame that this is what everyone is talking about, especially after something incredible that the ladies team did and qualify for the World Cup finals for the first time ever. Incredible achievement and let’s not forget that, we’ll be shouting the girls in green on big time next year.

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  1. So basically some elderly loser tries to mansplain and engsplain Irish history to an Irish girl? Well, fuck him anyway. And nicely done GIG

  2. Rob Wotton it’s he who’d need a history lesson with his fellow English people it’s because of there history of brutality we them songs today
    Well done girls

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