Phil Mickelson accepts challenge to play Happy Gilmore’s Shooter McGavin and Tiger Woods

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Phil Mickelson was handed a challenge from Happy Gilmore’s Shooter McGavin for a doubles game with a winner takes ‘grandmas’ house’ prize.

The core concept of Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore movie has found its’ way to real life as Shooter threw down the gauntlet to Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Adam Sandler and it took Phil two days to respond.

The legendary golfer is down and he believes that himself and Adam Sandler would leave Tiger and Shooter for dust.

We’re yet to hear from Adam and Tiger, but half of the teams are already down so this could be the crossover we really needed in a time where golf is missing spectators.

Who do you think would win it all in a match where Shooter McGavin and Tiger Woods are against Phil Mickelson and Adam Sandler?

February 16th marked the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore and Adam Sandler managed to show that he still has his driving skills in a video posted on twitter so he could very well be down for the match.

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