Pitchside mics pick up Peter O’Mahony’s snappy comeback

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Ireland cemented their place as the best team in the world yesterday by defeating a strong South African side at the Aviva Stadium. At one stage in the game the pitch side microphones picked up Perter O’Mahony giving it back to one of the South African players.

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At one stage, when Ireland won a first half penalty inside their 22, O’Mahony had a big grin on his face. When a South African player complained with the call, the blindside was picked up on the ref mic telling him to ‘Go **** yourself’.

“Apologies,” interjected David McIntyre, on Virgin Media, “to anyone that might have heard that, over the ref mic.”

Quoted by sportsjoe, it was a scrappy enough game, but one Ireland will be delighted to have got the win.

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  1. People must understand the context, here in Cork City Peter’s home place the expression “go F**k yourself is a term of endearment 🤣🤣 he could also have used his ” get away from around me ya Langer ” if he was really vexed, The man is a Legend with the heart of a lion and the temperament of a Spanish bull after being poked with a sharp stick 🐂 POM for President

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