🚨The moment that ‘cost Ireland the match’ as Irish fans are raging .. 😬

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It was a cracking match at the weekend between England and Ireland at a full house at Twickenham Stadium in West London. Ireland’s captain received a yellow card at a crucial point in the game, for a penalty that O’Mahony will be bitterly disappointed with.

This is where Ireland lost the game
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Very stupid from a captain… But I don’t think it was down to a specific moment, you could have said the injury to Nash with a 6/2 bench was also defining.

At the end of the day, England were just the better team, and knew exactly how to disrupt Ireland throughout.

I really hate the 6-2 split. Seeing Murray shove Gibson Park out onto the wing was farcical. The “benefit” of the extra forward on the bench seems trivial compared to the drawbacks if you have any early injury to one of the backs. 3 players covering 7 backs is already spread pretty thin. Reducing it to 2 just seems reckless.

Absolutely brain dead move from POM

All the brain dead actions when the heat was on were by experienced players, POM, Murray and Care. Experience is good but sometimes it just means you’re too old.

The audacity of some Ireland fans tryna defend this. Dived over a ruck and not even close to supporting his body weight

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  1. The ball was in the scrum half’s hands hence ruck over Peter O’Mahony was quite entitled to go after the ball the audacity of people who know the “Laws of the Game” is always amazing to someone who doesn’t!

    1. But he didn’t release when he put one knee down ….. you can’t play the ball on the ground as I’m sure you know – watch as he hangs onto the ball ! Laws eh

      1. So h wasn’t pinged forattempting to play the ball in a ruck with the hand from an offside position now he was on one knee, sounds to me like he should have gotten 3 tellow cards and not just the one! The only time the Law you are talking about was broken was when Henry Slade regathered the ball while lying prone on the ground in open play in the Irish 22 and passed it to a team mate in a passage which resulted in an English try.

        1. Good spot Bamber! I wondered about that one too. But the ref was right beside Slade when he did it so I assumed that it was kosher.

          1. Trying to play the ball instead of the player is risky. Had he made the tackle I think he could have been ok. No problem tackling from a knee position but player can’t knock the ball from the scrummies hands. Going to lead to a penalty most times.

        2. Correct slade should have been penalised for playing the ball while lying flat on the ground,how was that not called out,also a foot on the line leading to England’s last try and the head butt by Genge on furlong diving into the ruck was also a red but none of these were looked at, that socks .Having said that england were better on the day

          1. On the other hand, Porter’s knee-drop into Earl as he scored was a straight red. But no-one saw anything……..

      2. Buddy, ou have to laugh when someone bemoans fans for not knowing the laws of the game, but gets them all wrong..

        Think Bamber needs a cool drink to calm down

    2. Yeah because you’re totally allowed to dive over a ruck go off your feet and then continue playing the ball…… it’s a yellow card all day

    3. I agree ruck was over
      FELIX was a big factor
      Should have been able to win irrespective of 6/2 split
      Not playing RINGROSE a mistake and that is no disrespect to HENSHAW but he is best at unlocking defences and second to none defending

        1. Why did the match officials not pick up that his foot was on the line and call a halt to the play. Maybe they should be more attentive to the game too much tea and make I suppose n

  2. The current rule book creates to many irregularities. Rules need rewritten as I feel players are often preplexed when penalised as they have know idea what they have done wrong.

    1. Yeah! The ref should have some sort of hand signals he makes that lets people know what he is penalising them for. The RULES should definitely be updated. TOO many irregularities. They need to bring back some LAW and order!

  3. Ireland lost the match by not holding onto the ball for the last few minutes! Why they kicked away the ball I will NEVER know. Not hard is it? Possession, possession, possession!

  4. When did the Irish become moaning whingers.

    The fact is England outplayed them for most of the game and Ireland were lucky to post a competitive score. A more ruthless team than the English would have put on another 20 points.

  5. Talking of brain dead – Danny care / Marcus Smith are too, England had the penalty advantage and an easy kick for 3, we should have given it to Marler and got a try bonus point

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