🚨Calls for Peter O’Mahony to get honorary membership of the front row after what he did at scrum time ..

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The Irish and Munster flanker Peter O’Mahony showed great leadership on the blindside when directing loose-head Andrew Porter to keep the scrum up and keep working .. see the clip below with the comments ..

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Great stuff from POM but, I remember the late, great Roly Meates telling the flankers that their primary job at scrum time was to look after their prop. Keep their hips straight and hold them up. POM is clearly out of the same old school of forward coaching

Didn’t this lead to an Ireland pen as well? Because Assaratti weren’t driving straight? Even though it is clear as day Porter.

Quick one, have u ever heard a ref before tell a scrum half to “use it” as his scrum is going forward??!! I could hardly believe my ears.

That’s class. 2 secs illustrating why all rugby fans love rugby

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