Former Kerry Star Believes there’s not many that can Replace Peter Keane

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The former Kerry star forward was talking on GAA Embedded this week via and believes there’s no obvious choice to replace the current Kerry manager Peter Keane

“It can’t always be the manager’s fault. Now I do think the management got it wrong. They got some of their changes wrong, personnel wrong.

But the players themselves got it wrong. Some of them didn’t work hard enough in certain periods of the game. They left fellas go, it was highlighted on The Sunday Game.

They showed periods where Kerry let runners go. You never saw a Tyrone lad let a Kerry player go, if anything they went with two fellas.

Tyrone sensed the danger. Once Kerry got into a certain area, the danger was flagged and you could see Tyrone lads running with everything they had to put a hand on him, be in their eye-line, get in the way.

Kerry didn’t have that. They didn’t sense the danger or were too preoccupied with minding their own house.”

Darren O’Sullivan continued;

“He got three years. I’m not sure, maybe he might look for another year.  Whether he will get it, I think they have underperformed.

I just don’t see who is the ready made replacement at the moment. Whoever gets it, of the names you’re hearing, they would be a bit of a punt.

My thing with the Kerry management is that it’s about a management team. You’re not going to get one perfect manager, but if a man gets the job and surrounds himself with the right people, I think thye could do very well.

It’s about a team in general. You could name out any manager and go ‘he will or won’t do well’, but there’s so much more to it.

If you’re a manager of a team now, you are managing. You’re not the best coach in the world, or strength and conditioning, you’re getting the best people available to you around you. Then you’re managing them and the team.

It will be an interesting one. There will be names going around for a while, I’m not sure what Peter [Keane’s] plans are.

It’s 2014 since Kerry’s last All-Ireland. It is becoming a famine, so they need to make the most of it.”

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