Pep Guardiola revealed how Mikel Arteta would react when they scored against Arsenal

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Pep Guardiola has revealed that Mikel Arteta refused to celebrate when Manchester City scored against his former side while assistant manager.

Arteta has done wonders since returning to Arsenal as manager over three years ago. Prior to his appointment his only managerial experience came as an assistant to Guardiola at Manchester City.

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Speaking to the press ahead of his side’s FA Cup clash with Arsenal on Friday, Guardiola revealed why Arteta wouldn’t celebrate when his side scored against Arsenal.

“I know he went to his club, the team he dreams of. He’s a supporter, for the fact he played there, he was a captain there. He loves the club.” he said.

“I remember when we were together here when we score goals he jumps a lot and celebrates except one team. One team every time we score a goal, I jump, look back, and he was sitting there. It was Arsenal. It was that moment I said that guy likes Arsenal.

“Like me, training here or Barcelona if I’m training as assistant and Barcelona call me, I will go. My club. I’m not a person to say stay here and sign a contract. People have to fly when he believes is the best.”

Arteta’s love for Arsenal hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fanbase and is one of the main reasons why he was given so much time during his rocky start.

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