Pep Guardiola gauds Manchester City fans in fantastic interview😮

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Pep Guardiola issued a rallying call to Manchester City fans after they booed his side at half-time against Tottenham on Thursday.

Manchester City is currently sitting second in the Premier League, five points behind Arsenal who have a game in hand. By most teams’ standards, you can argue that Guardiola’s side isn’t having that bad of a season but City aren’t most teams.

With an unbelievable four Premier League titles in five years, the fans at the Etihad have become quite used to being the best and when their side walked to the dressing room 2-0 down at half-time they let them know how they felt.

Boo’s reigned down from the stands from the home support who demanded more from their side.

Guardiola gave his thoughts on this after the game.

“Passion, fire, desire, to win from minute one. The same with the fans. The fans are silent for 45 minutes.” he told Sky Sports.

“They booed [at half-time] because we were losing, not because we played bad. We played good. We had more chances…they booed because we were losing. Maybe it’s like our team, we were so comfortable winning four Premier Leagues in five years and that’s why we…after they score a goal we react but that’s not the point.”

“It’s my duty, my job, I want my fans back here. Not the away fans, they are the best, but my fans here. The Premier League doesn’t wait. We have an opponent in Arsenal who have the fire.

“I don’t recognise my team, my team always has passion and desire, and everyone runs and everything.”