Paul McGrath BLOCKS Conor McGregor as a full on war escalates between the two

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The former UFC two time Champion Conor McGregor went off on twitter yesterday with trying to fight everyone in Ireland online including one of the biggest legends in Ireland Paul McGrath.

The former Aston Villa and Ireland defender Paul McGregor stood up for PJ Gallagher who seemed to be getting picked on by The Notorious fighter. It was a stranger outburst from the UFC fighter, see some of the exchanges below with McGregor and McGrath.

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The owner of The Black Forge Inn last some followers last night anyways, there’s no doubt about that, pretty shameful behaviour from the Irish man. But I suppose it’s all part of the circus…

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  1. Conor mc gregor is not worthy of comments… I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Scum .Once a thug always a thug. Arrogant being😑

  2. I cannot why that thug is allowed to parade around like a big star when he is nothing. PJ Gallagher is a gentleman and great comedian

  3. Conor Mcgregor became a multi millionaire by getting beat up a lot,Thats all i know about him,I have never seen him win a fight yet,

      1. Was two time champ, hasn’t won a fight in years, he is a loser, who can only make headlines by doing negative things outside, at the end of the day he can’t make headlines in his sport, so he has to do stupid things to get in the papers now a days, all washed up and forgotten about, sad little man, who like to throw a tantrum now and then it’s sad that he will only be remembered for being a idiot.

  4. Few years ago came into where I work , came up to be served I told him there’s a que , his answer was ,,”Do you know who I am ” my reply was I do , your a mouth and an ass and if you want to be served you can que like everyone else , I turned away and continued serving others he didn’t like having to wait . But I bow for no one , he is a d##knead end of….

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