Patrice Evra reveals dressing room sexuality revelations and ‘two gay players per club’ claims

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Manchester United legend Patrice Evra has claimed that there are at least two gay players at every football club.

Josh Cavallo is currently the only openly gay footballer on the planet, which is an absolute tragedy.

Just as only an ignorant could expect there not to be extraterrestrial life in the infinite universe, the numbers show that there are certainly more gay players in football who do not feel comfortable to share their true sexuality.

In the year of 2022, no member of the LGBTQ+ community should be fearsome of the consequences of coming out in the public eye. Yet, still, they are.

The issue facing football at current has been hammered home by former pro Patrice Evra, who confirms that there is and always has been gay players who have decided against coming out publicly.

“When I was in England, they brought someone to talk to the team about homosexuality. Some of my colleagues said “it is against my religion, if there is a homosexual in this locker room, let him leave the club” and other comments.”

“At that time, I said, “shut up”. I played with players who were gay. Face to face, they opened up with me because they are afraid to speak otherwise.”

“There are at least two players per club who are gay. But in the world of football, if you say so, it’s over.”

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We want to avoid this becoming a topic of speculation as fans attempt to decipher who within Evra’s dressing rooms has decided against coming out as gay.

We ought to use these revelations as motivation to ensure that all members of the LGBTQ+ community in football feel comfortable enough to reveal their sexualities publicly.

Football has a lot of work to do before we are able to reach that point, but forward strides are being made. We all need to pull together and modernise our game.

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