Pat Spillane Hits Out at the Recent Retirement Posts on Social Media

The eight time All-Ireland winner with his native Kerry, was writing in his weekly column with and was quite forthright in his opinion on the recent retirements in the GAA, see below what he thought;

“An old man who used to frequent our family bar years ago was always bemoaning the fact that in Ireland you had to die before anybody would say a good word about you,”

“Not anymore. Inter-county GAA players – irrespective of whether they have been good, bad, or indifferent – can earn instant eulogies these days, by simply announcing they’re quitting.”

“I blame social media. The players’ retirement statements follow a set formula – family, friends, and club are all thanked profusely.

“Then there are the obligatory mentions of the career, team sponsors and the offer of assistance to the team in the future.

“Frankly, these announcements are a bit smarmy.”

“Worse still, however, are the deluge of tributes which these announcements provoke,”

“It is bewildering. Rather than ring the player and wish him well, even close friends take to social media to publicly express their thanks.

“And, if the retiring player has any profile on social media, before long he will be trending and overnight a legend has been born.”

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