Pat Spillane Dublin Got a ‘Soft All-Ireland’ last year and are there for the taking this year.

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The eight time All-Ireland winner from Kerry and RTE pundit Pat Spillane believes Dublin are there for the taking this year and are on the downward spiral of their great success.

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“Dublin have been on the road for a long time, and there is a big change in personnel,” the eight-time Kerry All-Ireland winner told RTÉ.

“They’re going for their seventh [consecutive] All-Ireland. I genuinely believed that Dublin peaked in 2018. I thought they won a soft All-Ireland last year. They were lucky that Kerry blew it here [in Páirc Uí Chaoimh]. They got a soft All-Ireland last year. They’re on the decline.

“I thought during this year’s league that the second half against Kerry in Thurles was so un-Dublin-like. They lost a seven-point lead. They only got three scores in the second half.

“What you always associated with Dublin was their composure. They hadn’t composure that day. Wexford showed a template for 20 minutes the last day, and Kerry showed it in the second half. When you go at the Dubs, you get under their skin, you annoy them and physically get at them, they can be got at. I genuinely believe that Dublin can be got at this year.

“Do I think Dublin will win the All-Ireland this year? I actually don’t think Dublin will win the All-Ireland. I said it last year – I got it wrong – but I’m saying it again this year.”


Sean Cavanagh:

“They’ve been losing players for five or six years,”

“To write off Dublin at this stage is lunacy. If there was a league final, chances are Dublin would have won the league.

“If Stephen Cluxton doesn’t raise his head – and it doesn’t look like he will – I would say they’re more vulnerable. We’re not going to find that out until they meet a Kerry, a Mayo or a Galway, a Tyrone.

“In the past, I found with the Diarmuid Connolly sideshows, that little bit of disruption suits Dublin. It almost distracts from the fact that they’ve dominated football for seven to 10 years. Soemtimes you can use that bit of distraction to take away from the bigger picture, and that’s the fact that Dublin are destroying the rest of the field.

“Are they unbeatable? No they’re not.”

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