Pat Spillane Believes the Dublin Players Shouldn’t be punished ‘They’ve Suffered Enough’

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The former eight time All-Ireland winner was writing on his Sunday World column and believes the Dublin footballers have been through enough.

“I think the players named have suffered enough due to the adverse publicity they received and should not be penalised by the GAA,”

“Let’s move on and not drag out this saga anymore.”

“Ireland is a world leader in what the late, great, John Hume called ‘whataboutery’,”

“Discovering loopholes and bending the rules is part of our DNA.”

However Spillane did add;

“As a lifelong and passionate GAA man the incident has made me mad as hell,”

“I’m very disappointed and feel I’ve been let down by those Dublin players. Fewer than 12 hours earlier a road map had been provided for the return of inter-county training.

“What the players did was against the rules of both the GAA and the Government. Effectively they were giving the two fingers to both organisations.”

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