Two month benders, four prozzies, drink and drugs: John Fury on his old-school party lifestyle

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John Fury has provided unprecedented access into what one of his old school nights out looked like, during an interview with True Geordie on YouTube.

John is not only the heart of the Fury family and a HUGE contributor to son Tyson’s success in the heavyweight division, he’s also become somewhat of a viral sensation in recent weeks and months.

His eccentric, outspoken and completely unique personality has made him a huge hit with fight fans on social media, which earned Fury an exclusive slot on True Geordie’s YouTube channel.

During the interview with True Geordie, Big John was quizzed on his own boxing career and why there was no longevity in it. He explained that his love for alcohol complicated matters.

“I went partying in Spain and all over the world and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

John Fury went into detail about his old school nights out in an interview with True Geordie

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“I skint myself, the mrs left me, kids left me, I was just a party boy.”

“I thought ‘bugger it, I’m getting £250, I’ve got a day job, I’m gonna’ enjoy some kind of life.'”

“I used to go on bad benders. I used to go on a bender for a month or two solid.”

True Geordie asked Fury what his sessions used to look like, to which he replied, “three or four brasses every night, two or three bottles of whiskey, if there was any drugs going I’d have them and all.”

Considering the party reputation that the Fury family have earned themselves over the years, we really shouldn’t be surprised. It had to have come from somewhere – and clearly it’s come from the father…

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