(Video) Paddy The Baddy sends important message about men’s mental health

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Paddy The Baddy used his post-fight interview as a platform to send an important message to men across the globe.

Pimblett is a colourful character. He oftentimes rubs people up the wrong way and his eccentric personality has alienated many.

However, everyone was in his corner as he spoke on the microphone following his victory at UFC London – how couldn’t you be?

Paddy didn’t use his opportunity to gloat about what a great fighter he is or what a stunning performance it was, he focused on something far more important.

Having seized the moment to speak to the crowd and all those watching from home, he echoed an extremely important message about men’s mental health.

After the tragic death of one of his friends in the week, Pimblett urged all men who are struggling, worldwide, to speak up and get the help they need.

This is a touch of class from Paddy and one that will no doubt earn him many admirers.

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