Owen Farrell says “there’s no point in talking about”

I don’t know how Owen Farrell stayed cool in this post match interview. England lost out to Wales yesterday in a cracking game that Wales won 40 points to 24 in Cardiff. Judge this for yourself, but I thought it was a bit much to be firing the hard questions at Owen Farrell straight after the match. Sure you have to ask about the big incidents in the game, but could the Interviewer done it in a better way?

Wales who many didn’t fancy at the start of the tournament have no won the Triple Crown and are now on for the Championship with France up next, who have been hit hard to a covid outbreak and their game vs Scotland called off today. So if Wales beat France in two weeks time that’s the tournament over.

Fans and players a like will be hoping we get to see Scotland v France go ahead next week though, as there’s a weekend off for everyone else. But going back to the Wales vs England game was the referee right in some of his decisions? These decisions cost England dearly throughout the course of the game.

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