🚨There was a serious incident today involving Owen Farrell that could bring the whole TMO into disrepute .. 😬

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There was an incident today between Saracens and Harlequins at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Former England captain Owen Farrell wasn’t happy with as one of the Harlequins players came in dangerously and could have badly injured the out-half.

Listen to the footage below though and see some of the comments and see what you think ..


It was a very weird exchange and whether Austin had pointed it out is irrelevant it’s still serious foul play and should have been a yellow card

Were they English refs? There was an incident this season in the premier league when the VAR didn’t correct the refs decision because he didn’t want to show his mate on the field was wrong

I’m actually so happy this as happened. No more hiding or speculation. It’s confirmed. Now time for some pressure to come on 
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  1. I’ve been championing the superiority of TMOs over VARs and rugby over football. The careful discussion of the alleged offence, the open agreement on its nature, the corresponding laws, the mitigation etc., all seemed to trumpet the vast superiority of the odd-shaped ball game’s arbitration arrangements. I’m not sure what the TMO is supposed to have done, but any fool can see that the forward quite deliberately went in to rough up Owen Farrell in a cheap shot worthy of the hall of shame of all cheap shots. If it wasn’t a red card, the minimum penalty should have been a yellow with citation and a ban of several matches. I’m not up on the latest protocols, but this needs to be dealt with severely or guys are going to be injured in career-ending ways.

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