🚨Leaked what Owen Farrell said to Ben O’Keeffe as the captain & referee clashed in a heated exchange 😬

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What a cracking match that was last night between both South African and England at a full Stade de France in Paris. After the game Owen Farrell was asked about his dispute with man in the middle Ben O’Keefe

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The England captain didn’t go into too much detail he simply said;

“It was nothing, nothing. Just a misunderstanding.”

South Africa will take on New Zealand next in the Rugby World Cup final next Saturday. That will make for a cracking game between the two giants of World Rugby. Be interesting to see who comes out on top of that one and win their fourth Rugby World Cup. England can take a lot from that performance last night heading into the Six Nations..

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    1. I did refereeing in my younger days. You can only judicate on what is happening in your line of vision. No human can see what a TV camera can see, and that is why not everyone agrees.

  1. Farrell must man up. He was like a naughty school boy celebrating long before the final whistle. England was good on Saturday but I think they underestimate the Boks. Get a better captain England not one who is always aggressive and want to be the referee. Play your game and relax. Sorry for England. Up the Boks

    1. What about that cheap shot when he was laying offside and tripped Damian den Allende when the Springboks were 5 yards out. Right in front of the Ref.

    2. Not sure about Farrell but the SA hooker was tied to the ref with a piece of string. Hopefully, we won’t see the foul-mouthed critter in the final.

      1. Foul mouthed?? I’m guessing your knowledge of the Afrikaans language is absolutely zero. Sorry for you but that’s a very ignorant statement.

      2. Mmmmm, and what words were you using when watching the game?

        That being said, what languages do you speak?

        Praat jy Afrikaans? Het jy verstaan wat hulle se? As dit Frankryk was, die woorde sal “Bloue kant ” wees.
        How would you have interpreted that?

      3. Phillip , and Now?????? 🤣🤣🤣🤐.Your Captain is a Laying Down Cheat and a Dirty Player. Karma is Back. 😭😭😭😂😂😂🤐🤐🤐

    1. Don’t bring in the old racist position into the game, most people don’t speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese but it is easy to lipread and translate or you can easily tell by facial and body stance whether a player is using lousy or defamatory comments in a language. It’s been quite a tournament of rugby from all sides. Yes players and referees, of,
      both groups, made glaring mistakes and when it’s a player he can be binned for the mistake. With referees it’s has to be complained about post match when time blurs the memory, Comments like yours or insults like yours have no place in any sport. It’s the arrogance and superior attitude that The Boks show before and after the game the game that escalates often the wrong way after the whistl. Everybody has the right to think in their own way but cheating is never a good thing Sport needs to start to put their own house in order before interfering . Let’s just hope it’s a fair game but it is more than likely with the two teams who are playing it will not!!

  2. The only possible racist part of whatever interpretation anyone wants to put on this farcical pantomime is the use of the word White or Wit. But given that Curry’s jersey/top is coloured white I cannot see there being any mileage in any enquiry.

  3. It’s easy to see how wyt kant could be mistaken for white cunt but then if you said it deliberately because you knew you’d get away with it then why wouldn’t you ? Niggle your opposite with no consequences?
    After all they did have history from the last game….
    If it wasn’t a racist why risk it?
    Balance of probability was he did say it. Can it be proved NO. What to do. Sadly ignore it and move on.

    1. Imagine if the situation was flipped and the coloured SA player accused our player of calling him a black cunt? The game would have been stopped, the enquiry would still be ongoing and English rugby would have been condemned! Our players claim wasn’t taken seriously, why would he of made such a claim to the official if it wasn’t true🤷🏼‍♀️
      If I reported every time I was called a ginger cunt, I’d be arrest for wasting police time. I genuinely think that there is still a belief that you have to be black to be a victim of racism.

  4. Phillip , and Now?????? 🤣🤣🤣🤐.Your Captain is a Laying Down Cheat and a Dirty Player. Karma is Back. 😭😭😭😂😂😂🤐🤐🤐

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