🚨Owen Farrell lost his cool with referee Luke Pearce & the ref mic picked up the verbals 😬

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The England rugby captain Owen Farrell had a bit of a spat with referee Luke Pearce during Saracens game against Bristol Bears on Saturday. A lot of people are siding with Owen Farrell on this one, see the chat below;

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It’s a very interesting debate. I think it’s clear the comms between Faz and Pearce had broken down. Could be becasue faz is assertively aggressive and Pearce may have had enough. Whose job is it to hold their emotion and articulate themselves respectfully? Probably both of them

There’s context we dont know about. If OF had been constantly barking at Ref & we know he has a poor track record at that then LP was probs getting pissed off. OF was probably extra grumpy as he had missed six kicks!

I agree. All that needed to be said was “Thanks, Owen, I know”.

It’s part of the captains job to speak to the referee making observations and speaking their teams opinion.

Context is probably everything here. Suspect based on previous Faz was giving Pearce his ‘insight & opnions’ all game. Could well be cumulative response.

Faz getting shirty in a tight game when his team is not getting everything their own way not exactly unknown either mind!

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  1. That’s clear Engleland lack manners I remember the issue with Bongi and we all knw Bongi is a respectve guy I think England officials must really ook deep in the teams manners thy are definitely without dignity and values

    1. I respectfully suggest that you check your spelling before posting as a lot of what you say is incorrectly spelt (ENGLELAND? ) I live in ENGLAND! And personally I believe Tom Curry!!

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