🚨Andy Farrell Slams the ‘Disgusting’ circus that has gone on around his son 👏💯

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The Irish rugby manager Andy Farrell was asked for a response about his son and the tackle he made against Wales last weekend at Twickenham Stadium. Owen Farrell didn’t receive any ban for his high tackle and Andy his father of Owen believes some of the reports/news was disgusting in relation to his son.

Andy Farrell is spot on to be fair, see it below;

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We’re only three weeks away now from the biggest tournament in World Rugby. We can’t wait for the action to get going and it’s going to be one of the most open tournaments in a long time. Can you see England going on to win the World Cup? They are in the easy part of the draw..

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  1. I agree entirely with Andy Farrell’s comments.

    This whole thing has been like a circus and all these so called adults slating him Should be ashamed of themselves!
    This sort of stuff goes on in playgrounds and if it was their sons or daughters on the end of it they would be outraged! Disgusting behaviour by many!

    1. Maybe Andy Farrell with all his experience, skill, history, knowledge and capability could show his son how to tackle properly. He should be ashamed of the position his son is in.

    1. Mistakes happen If u have ever played rugby yourself. Yes if you play professionally you should know how to tackle, yet if one illegal challenge happens it’s the end of the world. As an Irish rugby fan I find people giving him a hard time very tough.

  2. Andy Farrell says everything except saying his son is a dirty player and if he as a father had taught him manners he may have been the great rugby player he is without the dirty tackling

    1. His son is not a dirty player! You’re as disgusting at the rest of those slating an individual.
      This is playground stuff but, if it was you son or daughter being subjected to this level of bullying in the playground, you’d be down the school in a flash! What sort of example are you setting. Social media allows people to behave in a manner that they wouldn’t dream of doing in a face to face situation. It’s truly awful what’s going on! Are you English?

      1. No but you obviously are…im a fan of rugby with children myself who are learning to play the beloved sport it is and to many times owen has decided to tackle somebody again decided! In an illegal and dangerous manner, of which he has just been made to complete a tackle safety course due to his previous actions.. and what happens on his first international game back after set course he’s carded for an illegal/ dangerous tackle !! That is by no means a roll model for my children unfortunately as he is an outstanding player in my eyes ( a Welsh man) ! But I’m forced to again tell my rugby playing children that you can’t tackle like Owen and if tou do you will be sent off, also its not the way you should conduct yourself ! Please tell me im wrong !

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