🚨Bright Osayi-Samuel absolutely levelled pitch invader with one shot .. 👊

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There were metal scenes yesterday in the Trabzonspor vs Fenerbahçe match in the Turkish league yesterday where fans rans on to the pitch and some of the players got involved in the action including Nigerian International Bright Osayi-Samuel who absolutely levelled one of the fans that ran onto the pitch.

See the incident below and the comments underneath ..

Bright Osayi-Samuel one shots a pitch invader
byu/dayarra insoccer

Athletes should be immune from prosecution and any litigation when people invade the playing area. That’s one way we can deter this foolishness.

Has an athlete ever been prosecuted or sued from responding to a pitch invader? I sort assumed they already had immunity

Man’s spent his entire life training his coordination and power, he’s warmed up and his central nervous system is primed. What did that idiot think was going to happen? xD

It kinda disgusts me that someone think’s they can attack someone else because the other person has more to lose and won’t retaliate. As soon as an opposition fan is charging towards you it should be game on for self-defence.

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