🚨 OnlyFans girl fails in disgusting attempt ahead of the Euros, even England fans are embarrassed

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Astrid Wett has no shame.

The OnlyFans model often carries out weird stunts for publicity and the latest act may be one of her worst ones yet.

In the clip she says she is leaving a nice gift for the players and removes her underwear before wrapping it around a ball.

She then tries to boot it into the stadium and fails massively.

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You can watch the video below:

Social media users reacted to the unsavoury video.

One said: β€˜FFS why did the Germans let you in.’

Another added: β€˜All prayers are going to that football.’

A third commented: β€˜As an England fan I apologise.’

The Euros kick-off tonight when Germany take on Scotland. Thankfully with none of the special gifts left for the players.

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