OnlyFans 50-year-old model makes £43k claim about French international footballer

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OnlyFans model and reality TV star Nathalie Andreani has claimed that a member of the French National Team offered her £43,000 to secure her services for an evening.

Ever since the conception of OnlyFans we’ve become pretty accustomed to hearing about footballers sliding into the DMs of some of the platforms most followed models.

In this case, as is reported by the Daily Star, we’re discussing a member of Les Bleus, a fully-fledged French international footballer, who wanted a slice of OnlyFans’ Nathalie Andreani.

Andreani, who boasts over 340,000 followers on Instagram, made the claims to French magazine Public, with her comments helpfully translated into English by the Daily Star.

“He offered me €50,000 to spend the night with me. On more than one occasion, I might add – but I turned him down.”

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“He was a player with the France national team. I was shocked.”

“It was a shame, as I would have fancied him had he not offered me that money.”

We’ll leave it to you to have your guesses as to who Andreani could be referring to. The French National Team do have a pretty eventful history of debauchery, so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

€50,000 [£43,000] is a lot of money for Andreani to have turned down, but judging by her comments, he could have had her for free, had he led with something a little more charming…

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