🚨 Oleksandr Usyk reveals exactly how he stopped a brawl happening after John Fury altercation

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John Fury headbutted a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team yesterday.

Tyson Fury’s dad completely lost it as the fight week for the huge undisputed clash began.

He was filmed getting heated and landing a headbutt, but left himself bloodied in the process.

It looked at one stage that things could escalate between the rival teams and Oleksandr Usyk has described how he prevented his entourage from escalating the confrontation further.

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Speaking to Sky Sports he said: “I said, ‘Hey, Team Usyk back. Step back, please.’ Listen my team is very good if you want to fight, not boxing, street, shooting, knives, wrestling. But I said: ‘Hey, hey guys, please back.’ We must do good behaviour.

“My friend [Stepchuk], is a powerful guy. A street guy. Did you see the video, he was like a pit bull. I said ‘Stop!’ Okay, [they did].”

“A stupid situation. I don’t want to call John bad because I don’t know, because it’s not my life.”

“For me it doesn’t matter, I think it’s bad behaviour from Tyson’s team. Listen, we are professional athletes, we’re not street fighters. It’s a big event for our people, for the UK and Ukraine,” he said.

“If you want a situation like to destabilise my team, it’s not possible. Because it’s not only professional sportsmen. It’s professional soldiers, it’s professional sportsmen, it’s professional people.

“This situation for me doesn’t matter, it’s only motivation for my team.”

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