🚨Off the Ball hit with a backlash after big decision made by the show 🫥👋

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Off the Ball announced last night that some of their content is going behind a pay per wall. This was hit with a mixed reaction as you can imagine. But this is the way things are going it seems, people aren’t happy with Off the Ball’s decision, see some of the comments below;


Giving listeners so little notice was some decision lol if OTB was an independent brand I could understand the subscription model but it’s a national station already being funded by advertising. If that’s not enough then you seriously need to look at how you’re running things

Terrible decision making people subscribe to all content for €10 rather than having it segmented and letting people pick and choose. I only really listen to the hurling pod and paper review and maybe one other podcast a week. Would have paid €2/3 for those but €10 is a joke

I’ve been a listener for about 20yrs. Love the football stuff. that’s all I listen too.. yeve been flaing us with ads recently . Don’t pay for second captains. Won’t pay for ye. Unfortunately it’s goodbye.. Plenty of free athletic podcasts out there. Very misguided

Ah Lads, it’s one thing paying to watch sport, but it’s an entirely a different thing paying to watch people talking about sport! Good Luck!

Some way of showing how you value the listenership with less than 24 hours notice. Even how having to come out and explain the few nuances of the details was even a debate shows a lot

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