Norwegian Punter Lands Massive Payout On Leicester City Bet

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Much has been made in England of the bet which secured one punter 5 thousand pounds, on Leicester being top at Christmas.

No one could have predicted Leicester’s rise to to the top of the Premier League for Christmas, after they had battled relegation for so long in 2014/2015.

Meanwhile, a similar tale has emerged in Norway of a bet that was placed on Leicester to be top at Christmas.

TV2 reports that a Norwegian punter put 500 Krone on Leicester to be top at Christmas, at odds of 500/1.

The best was placed on August 18, 2015 and the slip can be seen below.

The punter from Oslo in his late 30s has asked to remain anonymous but said: “I saw the betting agency had a promotion, so I settled on the best odds I could find. The team has not been below sixth place this year, but was tipped as relegation candidate. I thought, ‘Here is this year’s bomb.’”

He also admitted to cheering long and hard once Leicester’s 3-2 win at Everton was assured on Saturday, securing The Foxes top spot at Christmas.

The 250/000 Krone bet comes out at just over 19,000 pounds.

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