“UNACCEPTABLE” – Lando Norris reacts furiously to Pierre Gasly tractor incident

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Lando Norris has reacted FURIOUSLY on Twitter after Pierre Gasly had a close call with a tractor at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Despite a lack of racing action in Japan, the opening stages of the race provided one of the biggest talking points of the season. Albeit, for all the wrong reasons.

As Pierre Gasly attempted to catch the pack during the safety car, he found himself passing a tractor, on track, at high speeds, without any prior warning.

Needless to say, fans and drivers alike are furious as a result, with Lando Norris taking to Twitter to show the FIA exactly what he thinks of the whole thing.

(Video) Watch the Pierre Gasly tractor incident that has everyone talking

Considering what happened with Jules Bianchi, at this exact circuit, it’s no surprise that emotions are running high across the board in wake of this incident.

Of course, Gasly could’ve been slower, more careful, more cautious, but in no circumstance ought he to expect a tractor to be there at that time.

We are very fortunate that there was no collision and no damage done, because in these undrivable conditions in Japan, things could’ve been SO much worse.