🚨People were loving Noel Gallagher’s response when asked will he be shouting for England in the Euros come the summer .. 😬

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As a lot of people know Noel Gallagher has an Irish mother, well the former singer in Oasis has double down on him being Irish .. See the video below .. and the comments underneath ..

He’s quite clearly an English person from Manchester

Had no problem playing in Ireland with the Union Jack on their screens. Spent force trying to be relevant.

He must have left his Butchers Apron guitar in the house.

His “laddish” type is not wanted here. Thanks all the same.

Only irish when it suits him

Working class traitor. He’s a Tory these days. This is just rubbish.

Says a man with a Union Jack guitar

He meant the he’s and Irish fan not that he’s Irish himself

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