SHOCK: Noel Gallagher doesn’t believe City’s success will be tainted 😆

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Noel Gallagher, alongside his estranged brother Liam, is, without doubt, the most famous Manchester City fan in the world, so it comes as little surprise that he doesn’t care much for the current discussion regarding their success being tainted by 115 charges of financial irregularities.

Speaking on TalkSport with Simon Jordan and Jim White, the former Oasis man said he knows what he felt in the games against Aston Villa (last day of last season) and Real Madrid, and that it can’t be taken away from him and the fans.

Like City fans tend to do, he then went on about the hard times the club lived through in the 1990s and how they would continue to support the club, to which Simon Jordan cut off and stated some clear facts.

He accused Gallagher of indulging in a victim complex who just laughed it and the charges off, saying he’d foot the bill for the fines and so on.

Gallagher finished by saying it would only be tainted by other fans and the Chuckle Brothers aka Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

Check out the full clip below.

Perhaps the only good thing that may come from a City treble for anyone outside of their fanbase is an Oasis reunion?

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