🚨Andy Goode SLAMMED for letting the whole of the Rugby World down .. 😬

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The former England and Leicester Tigers out-half Andy Goode appeared on Nigel Farage’s show GB News. A lot of people aren’t happy with this and rightfully so as Farage has done serious damage to the UK with being the main mad that got Britain out of Europe.

See some of the comments below and Andy Goode trying to defend himself ..


Pull the other one mate. He has no more value to any platformed rugby conversation than any other punter down the pub if even. You know as well as us that this is tacit support for the guy who brought the catastrophe of brexit. No one is fooled.

Like chatting about Wimbledon with Enoch Powell, or the Grand National with Oswald Mosley.

Disingenuous of you. Don’t double down on a dreadful error. Spitting ‘helmets and haters’ is sloppy at best . If you are genuinely someone who’ll break bread with Farage I’ll pass on the pod because some things are more important than rugby. They’re called principles.

Very naive to believe you can work with that man, and it not be construed as condoning his politics. After all, all he is a wannabepolitician, and that is what you are giving oxygen to. I won’t unfollow as others have, as I’m not that petty, but for me it is an error of judgment

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  1. Shame on you Andy Goode. You should have been discussing rugger with Dawn Queva of the Beeb. She voted Remain, so good ole fashioned Leftie.

  2. The lefty remoaners putting people down and showing their inability to discuss politics unless they are agreed with, if not they spout bile as in this piece of awful rubbish

  3. You have to be particularly ill-informed to think Brexit was a left v right issue.
    David Cameron was a remainder.
    Dennis Skinner voted leave.
    Tony Benn was a vocal critic of the EU, while Margaret Thatcher was a prime architect of the Single Market.
    Try not to be so simplistic.

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