Nick Diaz Jumped By Four Men At Las Vegas Nightclub

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Returning UFC superstar Nick Diaz was reportedly jumped during a brawl in a nightclub on Tuesday night in an incident that occurred at approximately 2.30am at Hyde nightclub in Las Vegas.

Diaz was apparently exiting the bathroom when he bumped into another patron. He apologised but the other guy wasn’t having it and went away, got three of his friends and returned to attack Diaz.

Diaz defended himself, got some of his attackers on the ground and hit them with various choke holds and strikes, all the while copping shots from the other attackers. He ended up with a nasty gash on the top of his head but other than that wasn’t too badly hurt.

Hyde nightclub confirmed that Diaz was not the aggressor and that he was only acting out of self-defence. They even offered to contact the police and help track the men down if Diaz wanted to press charges but he declined, stating that his attackers “got the worst of it.”

Nick Diaz is set to return to the Octagon after serving an 18-month suspension as the result of testing positive for marijuana metabolites.

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