Newcastle United’s takeover & what it means for football in Ireland & the UK

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Speaking as an Irish man and living next to the UK, I grew up watching the Premier League week in and week out and still do, Chelsea being my club that I would follow(thanks to the genius that was Zola). In the last ten to 20 years the Premier League has changed massively, largely due to the impact of globalisation. We now have players from African, South Korean, North America virtually everyone corner of the globe.

While this is great for the speculate and brings the Premier League up to a much higher standard it has had a massive impact on Irish football. How many Irish players play with a top six club? Actually how many Irish players play in the Premier League and even better yet how many play the Irish Lottery online? Scotland and Wales have brought through some good young players recently so they seem to have their house in order, but they did struggle for a while and it took England a long time to progress far in a big tournament.

Newcastle United will now be the richest club in the Premier League by a long way, the Northern club will attract some massive names to the North of England some of the biggest names in the game will surely make the move to Tyneside with the money that the Toon Army will command. While this is great news for Newcastle United and their fans it’s bad news for the rest of the league and particularly more bad news for any good young Irish player looking to break into the league.

The Football Association of Ireland has been a joke for a long time now and we can largely thank one man for a lot of it… It’s been obvious for a long time now that Irish football can no longer rely on the Premier League as a breeding ground for good young talent. It’s about time that Ireland really developed their own league or should more imagination and go another route like the rugby for example and make it provincial..?

Is this the new norm now in football? You hope that one day a Billionaire comes along and takes over your club and makes all your dreams come through? Looks like it, this is going to big damage to Liverpool who would be close enough to Newcastle in their location.

While in one hand I am delighted for Newcastle and their fans, they deserve it. I do worry what way the game is going, we are handing over the English game to big billionaires living in the Middle East. What’s to say that they can pick up and move all the Premier League gams to the Middle East? Interesting and worrying times ahead for football fans on these islands.

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