New Law to the Straight Red Card in the Super Rugby this morning, has Got People Talking

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This will be very interesting in the world of rugby and see how it delevops the Waratahs played the reds this morning in the opening round of Super Rugby down under and one of the Waratahs players did something reckless, the player received a straight red card, but Supper Rugby have introduced a new trial law meaning that the Waratahs can send on a replacement player for 20 minutes after the red card.

Rugby above all sports has always been proactive in making their game better and this is another prime example, how many times have we seen games ruined for a straight red card, over an incident that would be debatable or not desirable. You only have to looking at the opening two games of Wales’ Six Nations matches, maybe Peter O’Mahony deserved to be sent to the stands, but the Scottish tightwad not so much, this is a really interesting and exciting develop to help improve the game again.

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