🍿 New angle shows a bloodied John Fury going mad at team Usyk, he completely lost it

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John Fury was left bloodied earlier today.

Tyson Fury’s dad once again is involved in altercation ahead of a big fight.

Fury takes on Oleksandr Usyk to crown an undisputed heavyweight champion.

A new angle shows John Fury bleeding from his head and screaming at team Usyk after footage emerged of him going head-to-head with one of the Ukrainian’s team.

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You can watch the video below:

Fight fans responded to the clip on X formerly Twitter.

One said: ‘This fight week is going to be hilarious.’

Another added: ‘Imagine head butting someone and you’re the one who ends up hurt.’

A third commented: ‘Genuinely embarrassing, his son is main eventing the biggest fight in recent times and he wants to be the star of the show.’

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  1. The guys a clown. Always looking to be the star of the show. Embarrassing aint the word. I’d leave him at home next time.

    1. He never had a life of his own, so now he’s drawn into hanging on to his SON’S fame and trying to get noticed by it.
      Tyson is a prat himself but he must be Furious of his father’s actions and constant stupidity!

  2. He didn’t completely lose it at all.
    He never had anything to lose in the first place.
    He’s a blight on the travellers way of life, he labels them all in the same poor light as himself.
    There’s more traveller in my garden shed that’s still flat packed and project I’ll never start!
    Grow up you petulant child and stop trying to steal the limelight from your Son.
    Very sad old man indeed!

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