Nation Prepares For Heavy Session Ahead Of Euro 2016 Qualifier

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Irish people nationwide are preparing to fill themselves up with drink ahead of tonight’s Euro 2016 1st leg qualifier against Bosnia.

“I’m going to have a few sneaky cans in work to get myself started and I’ll probably have a hot chicken roll for a bit of soakage as well” said one excited Ireland fan.

“I’ll head to the off-license then for a slab around 5ish, which I’ll start in the gaff, and I’m heading to the pub then for a quiet 10 or 12 about an hour before kick-off.”

It is expected that 90% of Irish males aged between 17-40 will be pre-drinking ahead of tonight’s crucial game and will try their best to get into a nightclub afterwards should Ireland get a result.

“If I have a few JagerBombs after the game, the Red Bull should keep me going until the club and I’ll jump back on the pints when I get inside then because too much Red Bull is bad for you like” said Darren from Cork.

Several pizza companies have hired extra staff for the game as orders of €20 meal deals are expected to spike between the hours of  1-6 am.

John Sharp of Pizza Ireland said “There’s always a boost in trading during sporting events but we’re expecting a particularly busy one tonight. Our only concern is that some of our customers will be under the influenced so all our drivers have learned the ‘Fields of Athenry’ and are prepared for any situation.

Kick-off this evening is at 7.45pm but drinking began early this morning at around 9am as predicted.

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