🚨🚨Player handed a lifetime ban for disgraceful incident that should never happen!

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This is an absolute disgrace a player in Namibia has been handed a lifetime ban for charging straight at the referee during a club match. What was this clown thinking?

See the incident below and the decision taken by the Namibia rugby union to ban him for life.

A statement from the union reads:

“The Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) has concluded a disciplinary hearing conceming an incident that occurred during a match on 18 May 2024. During this match, a player from the Grootfontein Rugby Club engaged in conduct deemed detrimental to the sport and the NRU.

“Summary of Incident: The player ran towards the match referee and tackled him, causing the referee to fall to the ground. This incident led to the referee issuing a red card to the player and ending the match prematurely due to concerns for his safety.

“Disciplinary Hearing: The hearing took place on 30 May 2024, presided over by Chairperson Louis Karsten, with Vice Chairpersons Jacques Oosthuizen and Frik Engelbrecht, and facilitated by Norwin Oosthuizen. The hearing followed NRU guidelines and included the presentation of evidence such as the referee’s report and video footage of the incident.

“Verdict and Sanctions: The player pleaded guilty to charges under World Rugby Laws 9.11, 9.12, 9.27, and 9.28. After careful consideration, the disciplinary committee imposed the following sanctions:


    1. A lifetime ban from playing rugby.


    1. A 156-week ban from all forms of rugby, including coaching, refereeing, and administration, effective from 30 May 2024. This ban will end on 31 May 2027, contingent upon clearance by the NRU for participation in non-playing roles.


“Rationale: The committee emphasized the severity of the offense, noting the potential for serious injury to the match official, the deliberate nature of the act, and the negative impact on the reputation of the NRU and the sport of rugby internationally.

“Right of Appeal: The player has been informed of the right to appeal the decision.

“The NRU reaffirms its commitment to upholding the integrity and safety of the sport and will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize these values.


Watch the crazy footage here:

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