Andy Murray clashes with polarising politician Nigel Farage over Novak Djokovic situation

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British tennis legend Andy Murray and Nigel Farage have engaged in a war of words on social media.

These are two different men from incredibly different backgrounds, one admired by the nation and one detested by the masses. Still, they’re both following one common topic of interest right now – Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic arrived in Australia for the open unvaccinated. He was under the impression that he had an exemption which would allow him to compete – the authorities down under had other ideas.

Farage, predictably, is on team Novak. He has aligned himself closely with the Djokovic family as the tennis star bids to be allowed to compete in the Australian Open. Murray sees the irony in Farage sheeping the Serb…

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The controversial politician refrained from insult in reply, but did issue a response revealing his belief that Murray’s understanding of the Brexit campaign is wide of the mark.

There is, as Murray points out, an irony in Farage campaigning against a deportation. Though, considering the opportunity to be associated with Djokovic keeps his name in the papers, it’s no surprise, is it?

Farage is no longer an elected member of parliament. He’s merely a leech to fame. He will do and say anything that provokes a reaction and prevents him from fading into obscurity. Murray ought to know better than doing him this favour.

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