🚨A lot of viewers are saying the same thing about Graham Rowntree’s interview compared to James Ryan’s ..

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What a bad weekend that was for Irish rugby with both Leinster and Munster losing. After the game both Munster head coach Graham Rowntree was interviewed and Leinster’s James Ryan was interviewed and not once did Rowntree say good luck to Glasgow in the final ..

Compared that to Leinster, pretty poor form if we’re to be honest, have a look below ..

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It’s going to make for a cracking summer watching Ireland take on South African in their home turf. A lot of the Leinster players will be back in a few weeks time to take the Springboks at Pretoria and Durban. We can’t wait for both of those matches.



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  1. Ryan was a gentleman and a credit to his team, his nation and the many Leinster fans.
    Rowndtree was a distinctly average player, even worse coach and a generally unlikeable character. The only sting he will feel is when Munster hire a decent coach and he is collecting his UB40. Not being nasty just observing the difference in class between the two men.

    1. Wow. Don’t hold back on the personal attack. You clearly are very well acquainted with both men, so you can give us your illuminated judgement. I know nothing, unlike you about their personalities but Rowntree was not a “distinctly average player” and has been a great and well-liked coach for Munster.

  2. Sadly Rowntree’s negativity and his mantra to play the referee and not the game has become embedded in the Munster psyche

  3. Pretty disappointing interview. Yes Munster had all the possession and territory in the first 20minutes but Glasgow defence was on point and realistically Munster attack was blunt, even against 14men. Most of the second half was played in the Munster half and Glasgow fully deserved the win.
    Next week is a huge ask and Bulls will be strong favourites but in rugby you never know

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