🚨Mason Greenwood could be set to join one of the biggest clubs in world football

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With injuries to key players to attend to ahead of a Europa League return, an FA Cup semi-final and the chase for a Champions League spot, Erik ten Hag has a lot to think about at Man United over the next few weeks.

That’s before the Dutchman can even begin to start thinking about player contracts and potential signings.

With Newcastle having lost at Aston Villa, the Red Devils can move three points ahead of the Magpies should they beat Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

Without the likes of Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane at the back that could be a tall order, nevertheless, United have to go all out for the points from now until the end of the 2022/23 campaign, such is the fine margins at the top end of the table.

One player who hasn’t featured for the club this season is Mason Greenwood, whose troubles have been well documented.

His is a hugely delicate situation for a variety of reasons, but it appears that the player himself may well have made a decision that will impact the Old Trafford outfit significantly.

According to Relevo, Greenwood is looking forward to restarting his career ‘outside of England.’ The outlet also note that AC Milan are a team that ‘appreciate’ his technical qualities.

It isn’t clear at this stage if Man United will block any potential request or whether they’ll want to save themselves any further drama and decide to allow Greenwood to move on.

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  1. I personally think that Manchester United should allow the player to move on with his career and not to block him from leaving the club.

    1. MG is a talent that TH can nature to be a super stricker for MU. He should be forgiven no one is perfect. If you are perfect be the first to cast !!!!!!. MU will regret loosing him to another club.

      1. You are right he’s a great talent no one is perfect. Even if you check very well you will see some player that have done even worst than him

      2. That’s true right now Manchester we don’t have strikers why don’t they give him the opportunity to show us what he got i know many fans of united know how the past season what did MG gave us.

    2. U never seen him play huh ? He’s the type of clinical striker we need atm
      Exactly the type we searching for so why waste money when we go our own ace card up our sleeves

      1. He’s worth wearing Man United’s jersey, an unfinished product with the Club. He had has achieved loyalty to the Club; he will achieve greater things for the Club immensely and a wonder to watch him play. Aside his past ‘misdeeds’, every one should be given a chance! Tell me anyone who had not SIN!

    3. He needs to go to a league that is not more demanding. He is black and should he fail in Italy, the taunting, racist and rapist thing will come back and that could destroy him.

    1. We should not allow him leave,he is full of talent. He deserve a second chance and allow him make speedy impact with this injuries surrounding the team.

      1. Let MG stay, he is one of the most complete player to where MU Jersey. Yes he made a mistake, he is a human we all make mistakes and he deserves a second chance to start over and be a legend of MU if you sell him I promise you will regret it.

        1. I agree 100%. Greenwood should be given a second chance for sure. He is the player that who can make the deference when ever he is on the play ground. I know sometimes he is selfish in playing but who is not when a player like him have a Such confidence . He is free from all the charges. What man United want.
          It is difficult to get such talented player.

    2. Manchester United and it’s officials are punishing this young talent for no tangible reason. Even his accusers have discontinued the court process. By keeping in him in soccer limbo, they are trying to be more Catholic than the Pope in this case.

  2. It will be one of the biggest regrets for utd if they were to let Mason move on especially if he were to shine in Madrid give the boy a chance bring him back especially now with all the injuries.

      1. Let him leave., even Ronaldo left, there is nothing to lose.
        choices have consequences.
        That can bring faster healing and talent grown elsewhere.

        1. You have evil heart 🙈 I’m so ashamed of of you. big fool, he goat 🐐♑

  3. He should be given a chance at United, besides we need a great finisher like him. We all know he committed a crime but even criminals can be given second chances.

    1. We don’t all know that he committed a crime. He has not been convicted of any crime. The CPS dropped the charges when new evidence came to light and witnesses then withdrew. The CPS did not release the new evidence. It could have been forensic e.g. the very fake looking bleeding lip. If he was guilty it is unlikely that they would have dropped the case unless they knew that the evidence on social media was fake.

  4. Mason has a lot of potential but Man United is fully capable of finding a better replacement, he could stay but he definitely can’t fit first team so I think it’s best he moves on with his career

    1. Presumption of innocence. Since he wasn’t convicted of any offence, he should be given another chance.

  5. Situation in which Man U l see no reason why can’t they swallow their pride, if they’re not ready to welcome MG then would better let him go

  6. He should be given another chance.we all make mistakes bring him back to the squad.the guy is talented..

  7. Why are we releasing him marquee he’s marrying the very very lady this is a finisher keep him selling martial and get his replacement. Instead of thinking blunders like maguire we all on Greenwood.

    1. Let him leave., even Ronaldo left, there is nothing to lose.
      choices have consequences.
      That can bring faster healing and talent grown elsewhere.

  8. Personally, I don’t know why Man United is still holding grudges against Mason.
    If they don’t want to bring him back to the club, they should allow him move on to other club or league. He is still young and the more he is in isolation, the more damage it is to his psyche.

  9. Please man united don’t allow mason greenwood to go you will regret it
    We all love to see him again 😭😭

  10. If united allow him to leave, they will make a BIG BIG mistake…
    Mason is WAY better then Antony on any foot!!

  11. MG must stay at United if we need quality palyers. He has a bright future if handled bya coach like ETH.

  12. I just wonder why u guys have been debating on this since forever. U wanna lose him and buy him back when he’s 28 or 29? G’head. U want AWB to also leave and keep Dalot…. Is it sentiment or what? This season, AWB has been d better player. Explain what u guys are all ’bout.

    1. I love Greenwood and I think 90%of united fun also loves him more and I see no reason for united for ruining his talent, future and also his life even God will not forgive united for treating a talented young man. God will not forgive 🙏 united anymore if they mistreated him like that forever the man still young think twice

  13. The problem with utd they will give hom up for cheap and buy him back for expensive. My honest opinion is give that boy a chance and I think he will become a great for utd.

  14. With the striking problem utd have now and the competitions they are still in I think they should bring him back now. As a utd fan weghoust and martial can’t make it upfront and with only rashford is hard for him to do it on his own.

  15. I would keep him. He’s a fantastic talent. He was one of my favourite players. If his girlfriend can forgive him why can’t the club.

  16. If man u fear dramas then let the boy go..i know man citya and arsenal also want such quality in him.

  17. Man U needs all the talent endowed in Mason Greewood, now that the law has scrapped him clean…ETH can go for the skills and allow Old Trafford to roar louder…

  18. Mason Greenwood should be welcomed back by ETH, get him back even before the end of present season .
    We need his goal scoring ability.
    To the objectors which of you have never made a mistake ?

  19. For me that guy is good man united you guys needs that guy if you people lose him you will see what you lost

  20. This thread is fucking pathetic. Everyone saw those clips and heard the audio. Saying “nobody’s perfect” your saying the most evil act on the planet is just a small little wobble. He may not have been convicted but everyone on this thread knows what happened and if you dont then go have a listen and see if you still thinks hes innocent. If you excuse it or sympathise for some primadonna footballer who’s making more than any of you will ever lay eyes on then you are just as pathetic if not worse, Greenwood is a sick little bastard and his only “trouble” is that he is sick of mind and should be locked up with all the rest of the animals that share the same thoughts as him. Rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment are all beyond inexcusable, the fact that any of you have mothers or sisters should be enough for you all to have a bit of cop on or compassion instead of swooning for some teenage scumbag to come back and solve the goalscoring issues at our club. Just because a man isn’t convicted does not mean hes innocent. All of you should go and educate yourselves if youv any respect or care for the other half of the world that dont share the same genitalia as us, and just to diffuse the comments after this, feel free to have a go or try slander me with some shitty comment, itl just prove how backwards you are.

    1. Did you speak out when van Persie and Ronaldo were playing fir Utd?
      Both were accused of sexual assault and both were cleared.
      Didn’t think so.

  21. Don’t know y we arguing here, TH isn’t like any of our past coaches he has Utd moving in a new direction so let him decide on the guy’s future. Greenwood has been there in the past when Utd underachieved so if he’s not in the plan for the future then we should let him go

    1. What a moronic statement… “Greenwood was there in the past and the team did nothing “???
      He is only one man and cannot take the blame for previous manager’s failings. He is a supremely talented footballer, who will only get better and to sell him because of a crime he wasn’t indicted on is madness.

  22. Why should Man utd keep spending money on looking for talented players when Greenwood is in their grasp.

    Finding good players these days is had because some times teams spend money on who they think will work for the club and end up with flops.

  23. I know what consequences and damages such alligation laid against him could cause the club and more especially Him if true or false, I also know that our club is handling not just the case but him,his health and mental orderliness also they will check his record(relationship )with women so many things altogether it’s not going to be easy. But in all seriousness greenwood is a treasure that man u should do there best to keep am not supporting what he did if it’s true but every human God created even animals deserve a second chance. To many who is crucifying please stop and pray for him thank you all.

  24. We are all human beings, this guy deserves a sec chance,, It will be a biggest mistake if we loose him to another club . He’s such a great strong striker

  25. I think that Mason Greenwood should be reintegrated back to the team because he is a bundle of talent that shouldn’t be wasted simply because of a moment of weakness.
    Much as what he did is condemnable he deserves a second chance, as humans we are prone to mistakes as no one will claim sainthood.
    He a talent that have been well established in our club great man united and we should not loose him the mistake of his.
    He has learnt a lesson after this traumatic period of his life. He still young and have a lot to offer to the depth of the team.

  26. @Uba, Man U ain’t confused .they are jus racist mother fuckers that only see skin rather than skill. They loaned Bailey and kept useless Maguire. Now they wanna lose AWB ,keep Darlot and kick out MGW too. Wat a negative CBA there is.

  27. I also thinking that Manchester United must allow Greenwood to start his career instead of blocking him

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