(Video) Montana Love disqualified for chucking opponent out of the ring, leaving Eddie Hearn FURIOUS

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Montana Love was disqualified from his bout with Steve Spark on Saturday night for throwing his opponent over the ropes.

Boxing is a relatively straightforward sport – you fight with your hands, and nothing more.

Still, even that appears to be difficult to get through to some fighters, who can’t help but pretend that they’re in the Royal Rumble on a night of WWE action.

By ‘some fighters’ we are of course referring to Montana Love, who lost his undefeated record via disqualification against Steve Spark on Saturday night.

Montana Love, grappling with his opponent, appeared to intentionally throw him over the ropes and out of the ring. Thankfully, Spark had an unproblematic landing.

The referee was not best impressed, opting against docking Love points and instead immediately disqualifying him from the fight, gifting Spark the victory.

Eddie Hearn, who represents Love, was absolutely furious ringside, with his belief being that the immediate disqualification was not justified.

See for yourself – what do you think?