😬 MMA star told by model girlfriend that she will dump him if he loses next fight

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There’s seemingly a lot on the line for Johnny Eblen.

The undefeated American is set to take on Impa Kasanganay as he makes his PFL debut today in Saudi Arabia.

His OnlyFans star girlfriend Jessenia Rebecca has shocked fans by being brutally honest on what will happen in their relationship should he be defeated.

Jessenia was asked what she would do if her boyfriend lost against Kasangana and revealed: β€œThen I’m out, he has to win.”

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You can watch the video below:

The model, who has two million Instagram followers took to social media to defend herself following a backlash online.

She wrote: β€œSince when was being honest wrong?”

β€œDo you think if I stop being attractive or gained a bunch of weight he would be with me? No! He likes me cuz I’m attractive and I like him cuz he’s a CHAMPION.

β€œEither one of us can get dumped if we lose the thing that the other found attractive. Let’s start being honest in 2024.”

Some fans believed the comments to be some sort of stunt between the pair but the fighter has insisted her threat is very real.

Eblen speaking to Mirror Fighting said, β€œIt’s not a joke, it’s real.’

β€œIt’s a real story. I’m friends with a few girls and we like to have fun. I go shopping here and there and get into shenanigans whenever I’m back home, it’s just s*** that I do sometimes.

β€œPeople think it puts more pressure on me, but it doesn’t.

β€œThey are going to click on things that they want to click on, and people happen to care about that part of my life over the fighting.

β€œThe only thing I’ve got to do is go out there to fight and whatever happens happens.”


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